About Me



I am London/Leicester based film-maker and content creator Maxim Levy. In my past 5 years as a freelance film-maker I have worked on a variety of projects of all shapes and sizes, from corporate and explainers to short films and online sketches. I've created content for brands such as New Balance, BBC Three & Adidas as well as directed sketches that have gone viral, with a recent one amassing over 15M+ views across social media. I handle most my projects from concept through to creation as writer/director/editor, sometimes shooting as a solo videographer, often leading a small, dynamic crew towards a creative vision.

The ethos behind the commercial content I create is simple, explain and entertain, adjusting the balance between the two depending on the aims and audience of each video. No matter the brand, the story or the message there's a great video just waiting to be made!